Tap Holders

ERI ITALIA offers a wide range of Quick change tapping chucks for Machining centers and transfer machines.

Our production develops toolholderss with the following characteristics:

  • Tapping holders with Dual Compensation
  • Synchro Tapping
  • Rigid Tapping and Collets
  • Tapping with Axial displacement.

All items are available with the following connections:

  • Weldon Shank, according to DIN 1835, mainly with manual machines and transfer machines
  • Morse Taper, according to DIN 228A and 228B, mainly used for machining centers and boring machines
  • Trapezoidal shank, according to DIN 6327, mainly used for transfer machines and tapping machines.
  • Cylindrical and VDI shanks, according to DIN 69880, mainly used for lathes.
  • Taper "B" Shank, according to DIN 238, mainly used for traditional machines such as drill presses or tapping machines

Our company also offers Toolholders with connections such as CAT-ANSI B5.50 BT-MAS403, ISO 30/40/50 (DIN 69871), HSK (DIN 69893), ECA (ISO 26623-1) / EKM (ISO 26622-1)

The ERI ITALY Taps are available in sizes 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 7

In order to always offer a higher quality and longer life, ERI uses steels and subjects all products to high-level rigorous checks during assembly and testing of production processes.

Data Sheets

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Mandrini GS - GSP - GSL/DZ - GSLP/DZ

Mandrini GW - GSW/DZ - GSWL/DZ

Mandrini 360°GC/NCL

Mandrini GSP per Alesatori